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The laws of simplicity consists of the Nine Precepts of Branding™ providing a philosophical understanding of how brands can locate and define their white space, to achieve simplicity. Every law offers a distinct cosmology, whether on its own, or as a whole.
Simplicity and complexity are inter-dependent.
They are two extremes of the same continuum,
constantly evolving in every brand life-cycle.

Simplicity needs complexity to realize the clutter.
Complexity relies on Simplicity to shed it.
Both are entwined in a constant relationship,
feeding on each other to transcend.

Simplicity offers clarity.
And the only way for brands to actualize and achieve
simplicity is through complexity.

Simplicity is deceptively complex, never simplistic.
Simplicity in brands is achieved through approaching
and looking at complexity in its face,
never avoiding it.
In simplicity, brands adopt singularity, not multiplicity.
Embrace Oneness, less is more.

Stand for One reason, not a myriad of half promises.
Let this one belief drive the entire focus for the brand,
the core principle behind all it stands for.

It’s easier for a single-minded brand to gain a thousand traction,
than for one to absorb a thousand reasons why he should choose you.

One vibration. One energy. One voice.

Is the glass half empty or half full?

90% of what we think is perceptual, only 10% is reality.

The human mind is conditioned to think
and feel based on pre-conceived notions.
We take in these concepts,
whether they are actually present or not.

Because the human mind can only contemplate
that to which we have been exposed,
our knowledge and past experiences thus create
our own perceptions and realities,
our brand of truths.

In Simplicity, perception is always reality.

A brand without soul is like an aimless ship,
sailing without rudder.

All brands have a soul, an inner voice within them.
An inner dominant force that represents their larger existence,
the role they play in communities, and the influence
they have on people’s lives.

Humans need to be understood.
In the midst of confusion in today’s complex society,
brands offer solace and understanding.
A soul to connect another soul.

A brand in Simplicity has its own defined soul space.
It is built upon warmth & familiarity,
reflecting the origins of humanity and the world we live in.
It is built upon a vision of shared relationship,
about what is given and what is given back.
Soul to soul.

We live in a world of changes,
where everything is constantly evolving.
It is an intelligent ecosystem in which every moving part
is balanced by every other moving part.

Brands are living entities that should never be locked in stagnancy.
In Simplicity, brands accept change as the only constant.
They make a continual effort to discover and re-discover
their place in the changing world.

Brands in Simplicity are powerful religions.
They are salvations built upon a simple concept of hope.
Because they understand the human’s need to identify
the larger ‘self’ in relation to society, they offer solace,
liberation and a powerful sense of hope.

Above all, they bring people together.
People seeking for truths, for simplicity.
Devotees coming together for a common mission.
Activists unifying in a quest for a bluer sky.

Brands in simplicity evangelizes the need
for a better and closer world.

Plant a simple seed of hope.
Advocate an ideology that will touch,
lead, and inspire a higher purpose.

How you look at the world is exactly how
the world looks at you.
The same goes for your brand.

Brands in simplicity breed wonders.
They realize the significant role they play
in not only lighting up billboards and environment,
but in corporate cultures, lifestyles, and human relations.

They avoid complexities at all cost.
They understand the joy and wonderment
they promise to their customers
can only be delivered in the most pure and simple way.

While systems are important in guarding the integrity of the brand,
let them not drown the brand with cynicism.

Unlearn to learn.
Always simplify communications.
Colours, acoustics, imageries, language, literature.
All brand elements should come together to bring about holism,
to bring about simplicity and its sense of wonder.

Industries are not created out of huge resources,
but through simple yet big ideas.

Brands that embody simplicity defy existing paradigms.
They do not follow industry cycles,
they create them.

Challenge conventionalism. Redefine the landscape.
Break the industry cycle by reinventing a whole new industry space.
A space where you alienate all competitions.
A space in which you cement your authority and call your own.

Brands in Simplicity hold a reverential place.
In this space, only your customer and the brand co-exist.
Both their lives become entwined,
their ideals become one.
Void of any form of clutter or pretense,
your brand becomes penetratingly omnipresent.


Nature has its depth in simplicity.

While it does nothing, nothing is left undone.
A tree goes through its cyclical process of budding in spring,
flowering in summer,
shedding its leaves in autumn,
resting in its barren state in winter,
until the green miraculously regenerates again.

Brands evolve very much in the same way.
A brand that returns to its state of simplicity
returns to its core.
Upon re-implanting its root of origin,
it rediscovers its purpose, its purity,
its role in the many lives it touches and fulfils.

In clarity, the brand re-awakens. In simplicity, it transcends.



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